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Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) is an ILO global programme that improves productivity and working conditions in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The key intervention of the global programme is support for the implementation of SCORE Training, which combines practical classroom training with in-factory consulting. SCORE Training demonstrates best international practice in the manufacturing and service sectors and helps SMEs to participate in global supply chains. It focuses on developing cooperative working relations to produce shared benefits for workers and employers. The five SCORE Training modules cover Workplace Cooperation, Quality Management, Clean Production, Human Resource Management, and Occupational Safety and Health. The programme in Vietnam started in 2011 with funding until 2021. SCORE Vietnam provided training and consultancy to over 170 enterprises representing more than 60,000 employees. In phase III SCORE Vietnam focuses on widen its outreach to the larger business community with the promotion of good management practices and success stories. The programme will also promote SCORE Training approach and its impact to more policy makers and local partners to create a stronger policy influence which expected to result in the embedding of SCORE Training key aspects into the SMEs support program of local government and partners. SCORE Vietnam is managed by the National Programme Coordinator based in HCMC. The team is backstopped by the Regional Manager based in ILO Hanoi and supported by an Admin Finance Assistant also­ based in ILO Hanoi.