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Kynda was launched in 2003 in diverse education fields. Realizing the limitation of ordinary study abroad centers and education consulting firms focusing on outsourcing applications and randomly selecting clients future just based on result, Kynda has differentiated itself by establishing its role as a ‘life mentor’ to the clients, truly guiding them to set and realize their own goals with motivation. With Kynda, the students are led to discuss and choose a design of learning that they need, want, and are able to efficiently practice. In the students, Kynda foster a motivation that comes from self-awareness and clear goal setting, quick improvement in academic competence and efficiency, and achievement of their particular goals. Kynda has programmed all the work needed for this process and provided a wholesome education program that sprawls across A to Z of reaching the final goal. The first Educational Consultancy in Korea back in 2003, we had begun our journey in Education with an attempt to change the long-established paradigm of the market for studying abroad center to personalized consulting, now for another takeoff, we step forward again to the bigger market with our accumulated experience and analysis in needs & demands.