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Loss Prevention Manager (Ho Chi Minh City)

Hạn nộp: 18-08-2019

Hình thức: Toàn thời gian cố định

Kinh nghiệm: Không yêu cầu kinh nghiệm

Số lượng tuyển: 0

Nơi làm việc: Hồ Chí Minh,

Ngành Nghề: Ngân hàng - Chứng khoán - Đầu tư

Bằng cấp: Không yêu cầu bằng cấp

Mức lương : Thỏa thuận

Mô tả công việc

• To contribute toward the effectiveness of the business by ensuring the smooth running of Loss prevention process due to MM Mega Market principle and objective MM Mega Market and limit the shrinkage as much as possible.
• All must be achieved in accordance with relevant SOPs and other working instructions.
• Training, develop and increase employees working spirits.
• Ensure all contractors are full compliance with LP internal rules, regulations, WI and procedures of MMVN.
• Ensure that contracted security services are performed as per the agreed security requirements and legal requirements.
• Ensure fire alarm, firefighting and other prevention systems always available and comply with MMVN requirement and VN law.
• Investigation improvement
• The Loss Prevention Manager report directly to the Regional Loss Prevention Manager (MMVN LP HO) and dotted-line to Store General Manager (SGM).
• Help store to achieve its targets for stock control, shrinkage, etc by implementing the highest standards of daily basic management.
• Execute HO strategies in a timely manner.
• Develop staff skills by on the job coaching and implement succession planning within your departments.
• Advise and recommend to Store management on deficiencies in LP system (LP programs, Security system, etc.,), Security arrangement and Emergency response capabilities.
• Advise, recommend and support store management to work smoothly base on SOP (Standard operations procedure).
• Advise Store management on changes of LP legislation and MMVN LP requirements.
• Communicate to Store management all suggestions from MMVN LP or Police.
• Report to SGM and MMVN LP about all violation of company rules for disciplinary sanctions towards violators.
Ensure that the Loss prevention department is protecting the interests of the store:
1. Safety Management
• Develop and implement effective Fire Fighting Procedure, Evacuation Plan, maintenance of firefighting equipment, etc., of all stores
• Co-operate with Local Fire Police in facilitating the firefighting tasks.
• Maintains and ensure fire documentation and records in accordance with Fire law and MM requirements.
• Ensures all LP members and Security guards are inducted and received regular training as required.
• Ensure all store staffs are trained to deal with fire alarms or emergency case.
• Ensure that a fire drill is implemented at least once a year.
• Conducts monthly inspection for firefighting equipment to ensure good working condition and meet the MMVN standards and fire law.
• All incidents reported immediately.
• Participate to find the solution for all safety issues when required.
• Communicate regularly on relevant safety matters and ensure all procedures are strictly followed
2. Shrinkage management
2. Shrinkage management • Conducts monthly LP inspection to identify risks and potential areas where breaches may occur.
• Formulates and implements security policies and practices, including new technology, which will enhance the efficiency of MM operations, with particular emphasis on pro-active security.
• Advise on areas of improvement in relation to security.
• Ensure the recovery of stolen product is a priority to reduce stock lost.
• Provide regular feedback to management team on all security related issues/incidents.
• Ensure inventory (PI & YEI) process to be implemented strictly.
• Maintain and implement the weekly checking for HVS and Sensitive.
• Spot check the goods protection system and use of security tags to ensure they are working and used in accordance with the WI.
• Check work of internal security staff. Work with other FMs to identify areas/ departments in the store that have high shrinkage caused by theft. Develop and execute an action plan to improve the situation.
• Ensure that the final control check, delivery area and GOR are in place and spot check that the staffs are trained and motivated to perform function.
• Daily spot check GOR and Stock correction summary to ensure well complied with SOP and LP programs.
• Ensure all free gifts (receipt and delivery to customers) to be complied with SOP.
• Spot check internal consumption to see if the requirement is reasonable and consistent with the paperwork prepared by the store secretary
3. Asset control
• Conduct weekly and monthly inventory for company assets
• Manage company assets in an efficient and safe manner
• Ensure all MMVN properties and employees belonging are safe at all times.
4. Security management
• Identify and implementing security arrangement to protect MM assets, goods and people and eliminate loss from theft.
• Prepare and ensure security plans and regulations to be complied with the VN legal requirement.
• Monitor the daily activities and report of the security team.
• Prepare a monthly security report which outlines security service performance.
• Meeting and discuss security issues with the representative of security service company by monthly and propose improvement action and performance.
• Review and update security plan.
• Define/ update scope of work, responsibilities and risk assessment for each security position whenever required.
• Manage Security staff working hours so as there is no shortage position.
• Maintain a dynamic approach to security & asset protection type duties.
• Ensure all security guards maintain a professional approach to their duties and maintain a clean, tidy and well presented uniform dress standard at all times.
• Ensure all Security guards induct and receive regularly training as required to meet the requirement and MM SOP.
5. Security system management
• Ensure the regulations relate to keys and security cards are followed.
• Regularly check store alarm system to ensure that it is working and that any incidents are being recorded and archived.
• Ensure that the video surveillance system is working and adequately supervised.
• Make proposal to MMVN LP and SGM to add or change the position of security cameras where needed.
• Co-operate and maintain with Contractor to implement the M&R for CCTV, FA, IA & AC to ensure well working condition and meet the standards.
• Cash control procedure (Collection, transfer, safe room, etc.,).
6. Crisis management
• Prepare effective emergency response plans and enhance safe working environment.
• Prepare and review emergency rescue plan for priority of emergency catalogues.
• Ensure MM emergency response preparation procedure is fully implemented and associated resource are available for response.
7. Compliance management
• Provide employees with guidance regarding fire safety and security operations to ensure a high performance work environment.
• Prevent any behavior that affect the company environment.
8. Co-operation with local Police
• Maintain good and close working relationship with Local Authorities such as Fire Police, Ward Police, etc.,
9. Investigation management
9. Investigation management • Conduct investigation on store incidents and propose corrective action and implementation of action planned agreed.
• Report all incident of loss, breach or criminal activity (fraud etc.) in the MM business, both internal or external.
• Conduct daily plant inspection and follow-up/ corrective action is implemented accordingly.
10. Reporting • Report all security incidents in a timely manner followed by a written report as soon as possible
• Create & submit report to HO on time.
1. Internal
• Store General Manager
• Corporate functional managers in Store
• H.O Loss prevention department
• Store personnel under his charge.
2. External
• External service provider such as Security company, Security system company
• Local Police

Yêu cầu công việc

Effective performance of this job requires the person to be really hands-on and persistence to follow through meticulously key steps of the operational procedure. Essentially the profile of the job holder should include:
1. Skills
• Bachelor degree or equivalent qualifications (New recruitment)
• Organised and able to follow detailed working procedures
• In depth knowledge of retail working processes and procedures
• Strong organisational ability.
• Training and coaching skills.
• Communication skills in both English and Vietnamese
• Time Management
• Creativity and willing to learn. Self-disciplined with ability to work under stress
• Traveling if needed.
2. Experience
• 2 - 3 years of experience.
• Experience relates to the security and loss prevention field are preferred.
3. Seniority, age
• Presence and stature to act as the policeman within the store
• Presence and stature to act as the store ambassador when dealing with external relationships
• Mature and sophisticated so as to be able to understand and be comfortable working within complicated business, government and social networks
• 25 years old and above to be required.
4. Personal type
• Honesty
• Assertive
• Confident
• Flexible
• Well organized
• Calm
• Problem solvers
• Result oriented
5. Leadership style
• Discipline
• Detailed working style
• Role model within the store
• Accountability
6. Cultural competence
• Strong ability to work with people from different cultures and back grounds
• Ability to work simultaneously within a multi national organization and an external environment where a traditional style of local management is required.
7. Team fit
• Natural leader possessing a clear and logical method of reasoning
• Support other team members with the willingness to develop and coach others

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- 13th payment
- Health Insurance
- laptop

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