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WE ARE NOT OUT-SOURCING COMPANY. We develop and operate our products used by the group's subsidiaries and other travel companies in the form of services. WE ARE NOT A STARTUP. We work under a group that has a stable business. However, we work as creative and agile as start-ups. WE ARE EXPERTS. We work under the latest system development process with Microsoft MVP, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Information Systems Auditor. Your Journey Begins HERE We offer YOU: - Market leading salaries - 13th salary - Performance bonus (if hit the target) - Stable and long-term career path - Extra healthcare insurance and checkups - Many company events: Company trips, team building, employee care, …. - Friendly management, flexible semi-scum/agile environment - Possibility to travel internationally for work if desired - Internal and external technical training courses - Great pathway for personal development - Freedom to take initiatives and responsibilities OHMYLAB Co., Ltd. is a IT company under Orenge Partners of Japan, a professional travel management and hotel management group. We aim to become a travel IT company with unrivaled technology in Asia. We strive to build a sustainable high-level process and system to accomplish this. I. Introduction OHMYLAB is a subsidiary of Orenge Partners Group, which specializes in hospitality and travel industry. The Group has NDC, which is in charge of hotel chain business, OHMYHOTEL & CO, which is in charge of hotel management business, OHMYTRIP, which is in charge of online travel business, and OHMYLAB, which specializes in hospitality and travel information system. OHMYLAB develops information systems used by the Group's subsidiaries or operates our own services utilizing the specialized business network and sales force of Orenge Partners Group, which has accumulated over 20 years. Currently, we have corporations in Korea and Vietnam and do an IT oriented business. II. Work environment We are making continuous efforts to increase the concentration of development work by building a CI, CD pipeline using the highly integrated DevOps service and IDE. We are constantly tuning the agile methodology to the business environment and organizational resources to improve business productivity. We support training, seminars, and book purchases to improve our expertise and disseminate visible outcomes for knowledge sharing both inside and outside our organization. * Integrated DevOps We pursue high productivity and effective work in all development processes to provide business needs as a service. To this end, we realize Continuous Deployment. The development work is shared on the KANBAN board, and implementations that are configuration managed by Git can only go through the build phase with specific code reviews between developers. Unit tests, and acceptance-tested builds and deployments, and quantifies all of these tasks through a project dashboard. Monitoring and maintenance of reliable services, experience and knowledge gained within these procedures are shared on the wiki. We are using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to perform all of these tasks in one integrated environment. * Integrated communication for business We use a single service (MS Office 365) that includes not only business messenger (Teams) but also file sharing (OneDrive), video conferencing (Skype), calendar, task management and document collaboration (Office, OneNote). III. History of Orenge Partners Orenge Partners Group started in 1997 from Vico of Japan. Starting with a hotel reservation service for Japanese people and expanding business with a Japanese hotel reservation service for foreigners including Koreans, we opened a branch in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Philippines in 2010, starting in Korea in 2006. BIKO TRIP CO., LTD., Which has successfully expanded its business area to be introduced by NHK and other media companies at home and abroad, was acquired with the B2B division of DOTW (Destinations of the World) in Dubai in 2015. After the sale, we leaved the remaining B2C business unit as the predecessor to HQ in Korea. This separated division is OHMYTRAVEL, becoming a B2C comprehensive travel agency that covers all of the airline, accommodation, and ticket pass. However, in order to keep pace with the fast-changing market changes, we needed to make a more professional and strategic improvement. As a result, in order to focus on Japan where we already has the strongest business network, we launched the Orange Partners Group, which specializes in free travel and hotel business, mainly in Japan and Southeast Asia.