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IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative IDH helps to accelerate the sustainable production and trade of agricultural commodities produced in Asia, Africa and South America and traded globally. We build ambitious public private coalitions of companies, civil society organizations and governments and high-impact programs in order to benefit people, planet and profit. With co-funding from the Dutch, Swiss, Danish and Norwegian Governments, and from business partners, IDH organizes scoping, development and implementation of public private partnerships in 11 sectors such as coffee, tea, aquaculture, apparel. IDH is a dynamic organization of 60 staff members based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with hubs in Asia and Africa. In the last year IDH has expanded its activities and now runs around 600 projects in 50 countries, together with a wide range of private and public partners. Operating in Vietnam since 2010, IDH has established strong partnerships with businesses, government and NGOs working on coffee, tea, cocoa, spices/pepper, aquaculture and apparel/footwear. IDH supported the establishment of the Vietnam Coffee Coordination Board (VCCB), the creation of the first public-private partnership taskforce on agrochemicals – addressing among others the food safety of export products, and helped 20% of the country’s pangasius industry to comply with global sustainable aquaculture standards. In 2014, IDH also launched a program aimed at using the public-private approach to addressing the key sustainability issues in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, which plays a key role in the production of several agricultural commodities.