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TTI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, TTI, Inc. is the world’s leading authorized distributor specialist offering passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components. TTI’s extensive product line and supply chain solutions have made the company the distributor of choice for industrial, automotive, and data-communications electronic manufacturers worldwide.   TTI’s extensive product line includes: resistors, capacitors, connectors, discretes, potentiometers, trimmers, magnetic and circuit protection components, wire and cable, wire management, identification products, application tools, and electromechanical devices. These products are distributed from a broad line of top blue chip manufacturers. TTI strives to be the industry’s leader, stocking the latest IP&E component and supporting our customers’ requirements through our Outside Sales team and Local Field Application Engineers with technical seminars, and design support. TTI’s products, personalized service and custom supply chain solutions have earned us the most preferred passives and connector distributor awards. TTI employs more than 3,800 people at more than 100 locations worldwide. Locally in Asia we have 3 dedicated inventory distribution centers in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore respectively and more than 21 sales locations to support local customer needs in Greater China and South Asia.