asia music & performing arts education corporation

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ABOUT AMPA EDUCATION Being driven by the vision of Serving The Community Through The Arts, AMPA Education’s heart is in bringing the arts community together, working on achieving excellence in various forms of music and dance through the association with world class certifications and in making sure that we give back to the younger generations, eager to learn. As an international non-governmental organisation, AMPA Education invests all proceeds raised to training better teachers, and providing platforms for young children to be able to touch and feel the arts. Our key focus is promoting creative education through the development of thousands of Dream Spaces across the country. These are rooms/arts hubs at schools in cities and provinces alike, where we will either build/renovate and provide equipment and the environment for students to be introduced to, and be trained in the arts. Furthermore, with the implementation of a variety of projects in giving music and dance scholarships to less advantaged children, running music classes at different orphanages/shelters, providing arts donations in-kind, we are positive that the impact of creative education shall significantly impact our community. It is AMPA Education’s dream to reach every child in Vietnam. Our belief is that a creative education will enhance the development of the body, mind and soul of our children. We hope for like-minded partners to collaborate with us to reach our goal of building many more Dream Spaces and provide the right platforms for the arts, where no child will be left behind.