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The history of Atlantic begins in 1979, in Switzerland, when Theo Ernst founded Atlantic Forwarding. Subsidiary companies were founded, the very same year, in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South-Korea. Its very personal and familiar way of dealing with employees, partners and customers, as well as the proficiency of its management provided the young company with a quick growth. The amount of dispatched transports multiplied itself every year. Between 1986 and 1988, Atlantic took over the existing partners in Japan and Thailand and changed them into Atlantic subsidiary companies. At the end of the 1980s, there were more than 100 persons working for Atlantic. Despite the fierce competition and the worldwide recession in 1987, Atlantic not only held its dominating position in Asia, but expanded it. High quality and fair prices have always been the motto of Atlantic. In the nineties Atlantic began its expansion of its worldwide network. And with massive investments in the IT sector, Atlantic was able to optimize the costs. Furthermore, the e-commerce sector could be enlarged with new products and services and the overall quality could be improved. This was the basis for a new and strong growth for the new millennium. After 20 years, the list of new partners and customers seems endless, especially in North-America, Latin-America, and Oceania, where the number grows each day. Today, the Atlantic Group employs over 250 people, and its networks consist of 40 offices across the globe, of which 15 are in Europe. Website: