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Since its beginnings in 1985 as a textile firm in the province of Thai Binh, Bitexco has become a successful multi-industry corporation. It covers real estate investment and development, hydro-power plants, infrastructure, mining and mineral water production. Bitexco began to diversify and expand its business in 1997 in the production of mineral water. The company has invested heavily in modern machinery and equipment for building and developing the brand Vital to become the first brand of mineral water in Vietnam, which was first produced by Italian technologies meet the high European quality standards. In the real estate sector, from 2000, Bitexco has developed various high-profile projects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Examples in Hanoi are The Manor and The Garden; while in Ho Chi Minh City there is the Bitexco Office Building, The Manor I, The Manor II and the 68-storey Bitexco Financial Tower. Other major projects underway include the Marriott Hotel and Hoang Mai Urban Complex in Hanoi, in Lao Cai The Manor Eco+ and Sapa Resort & Holiday Apartments, in Thanh Hoa the New Centre, and in Ho Chi Minh City the Nguyen Cu Trinh Residential Complex and Ben Thanh Towers. Bitexco has always strived for growth and prosperity. Its reputation in Vietnam is based on its sustainable development and global perspective. The key to its success is the vision of its leaders, combined with the reliability of its business partners and the loyalty of its patrons. Bitexco’s goal is to become the top corporation in Vietnam, an internationally competitive enterprise that exceeds the expectations of its customers with its care for quality and state-of-the-art products and services