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Sugar, from breakfast with a cup of coffee to a glass of milk before sleeping, we always use sugar. Thank you, sugar! Actually, we can not survive without sugar. HAXU Technical Services Co.,Ltd. is an EPCM contractor. We accessed to sugar industry by chance when a customer suggested abovut a direct drive system for sugar mill. We started to engineering and trial run succesfully at the first time in 2008. BENEFIT: After installed and consider operation with many mode operation, We can summary the benefits which sugar factories collect from our multi drive system as follow: 1. Reduce more than 20% of power consumption than the planetary foot mounted with crown pinion. 2. Higher reliability due to less components, especially crown pinion. 3. Low investment cost: civil work (no need of foundations) , oil, compact space, spare parts, overhead crane. Investment cost is lower. 4. Low maintenain cost: Reduce time for installation and maintenance. 5. Different speed for each roller is possible, control of juice extraction, reduce bagasse moisture. 6. Smooth operation, interlocking, prevent overloads, clean and safe for workers. COMPANY PROFILE: - In 2005, HAXU Tech. Services Co.,Ltd. was founded in Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam. IT started as a trading operation providing the drive system. - By 2008, with consolidated experience and a solid technological portfolio,HAXU Tech developed a new business model aimed to deliver more value to ITs customers. The previous focus on equipment sales changed to a new concept based on providing integrated business solutions, covering a complete range of services from the initial stage of identifying av n opportunity to the subsequent steps of feasibility evaluation, appraisal reports, engineering design, construction, commissioning till providing, when required assistance for operation and maintenance. - Currently has 30 Enggineer. - Turnover: $ 17 Million to November 2016. - Facility: 10000m2 with 6200m2 is workshop & office.