công ty bảo hiểm mic hùng vương

Địa chỉ: Tầng 3, tháp A, tòa nhà Golden Palace, Phường Mễ Trì, Quận Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội

Quy mô công ty: Từ 25 - 99 nhân viên

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Our company is nonlife-insuance company, named MIC Hung Vuong, was established in 2015, with the merger of 02 original insurance unit is Project insurance unit 1 & Project insurance unit 2. The firt director, Mr Le Quoc Binh, who is now general director of Xuan Thanh insurance Company, an affaliated company of Thai Group. Our company provides nonlife insurance services as Motor- vihcles insurance , Third party’s liability Insurance, Marine Insurance and Personal Insurance, especially in Motor-vihcles insurance now we have the best policies for the market fees. The number of employees after the merger has increased to 50 people. With the contribution of all staff, in 2016 the company had a large profit up to 5 billion VND, everyone excited. Throung to 2017, the insurance market situation is more volatile, property fires, warehousers fires occur with high frequency and MIC Hung Vuong is no exception. By the begining of Quarter 3, 2017 The company must pay compensation some of losses, the total compensation of nearly 7 billion vnd, the board of Directors is expected to not be profitable in 2017, the employee morale begun moss apart, And the most dificult moment came when our director move to the new unit. At this time, the mood of the people is really bad, who also intends to own for themselves. The number of employees decreased from 50 to just 30 people. In this situation, the Board of General Director of MIC decided to restructure the company, handed to Nguyen Gia Quang, deputy director of the company on the Right director, help company avoid the risk of disintegration.