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Website: https://maybanhang.net/

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Our vision is to bring more innovation, efficiency, and equality of opportunity to the world by creating a blockchain based around a universal Customer Loyalty program. Our first step on that journey is making cryptocurrency such as EZToken accessible and approachable for everyone. Two principles guide our efforts. First, be the most trusted company within our domain. Second, create customer oriented products that are easier and more delightful to use than any alternative. These principles guide every decision across the company from design through to engineering, from operations through to security. Everyday we tackle difficult engineering problems, you will resolve these problems by building delightful programs and trustworthy user experiences. We want to bring EZPOS to every country in the world, and we’re excited to expand into the mobile markets. You will also assist us by: building a better portfolio of tools, products and services, as well as integrating new third-party systems launch in new countries. On any given day, you will work with a backend engineer to debug issues in a new server-side service, in addition to this you may also work with infrastructure and platform teams to determine how to best modularize a feature for reuse. Our engineers enjoy working on all parts of the application being built to ensure the completed works can tie together, thus shipping a high quality feature. You’ll work closely with our product and design teams to identify our customers needs, you are expected to work with other engineering and non-engineering teams to ship the new features to the app. A little about our team: we’re a tight-knit group with experts in iOS, Android, JAVA, PHP, .NET, QA, design, and product. Over 60% of our codebase is written to target Mobile devices, we have a continuous integration pipeline, and desktop machines to maximize our team’s productivity. We value positive energy, continuous learning, clear communication, and are committed to building an inclusive environment for people from every background. If you’re passionate about POS solutions, blockchain, resolving engineering problems, and building great user experiences, we should talk.