công ty CP dệt may đầu tư thương mại thành công (tcm)

Địa chỉ: 36 Tây Thạnh. P. Tây Thạnh. Q. Tân Phú (KCN Tân Bình), TPHCM

Quy mô công ty: Ít hơn 10 nhân viên

Website: Chưa Cập Nhật

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Top Best 50 Employers in Vietnam surveyed and selected by AC Neilson and Thanh Nien Newspaper in 2006 As one of the leading companies in Vietnam, specializing in Textile & Garment and expanding the investment in other potential fields such as Fashion Retailer, Real Estate, Securities, Healthcare. Dynamic & Professional Working Environment with Cross-Culture: Thanh Cong Group considers the strategy of human resources development and the policy of remuneration system the core factor for our success Thanh Cong Group offers its employees the opportunity to discover and develop their own capacity with the friendly, professional working environment, challenging work and opportunities to work with experienced professionals, who used to work for multinational companies. In fact, Thanh Cong Group is great place for you to experience your career path. For Your Success We are committed to creating the most favorable conditions to help you achieve your career goals. Thanh Cong is the environment where you can meet your creativity, adapt your knowledge and experience in practice in order to contribute to the development of the company. In other words, Thanh Cong Group is the right place “FOR YOUR SUCCESS” In April 2009, Thanh Cong Group made a successful M&A with E-land Group (based in Korea) For more details, please visit our website: