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Địa chỉ: 607 - 609 Nguyen Kiem St., Ward 9, Phu Nhuan Dist., HCMC

Quy mô công ty: Từ 25 - 99 nhân viên

Website: Chưa Cập Nhật

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Vung Tau Ship Building Industry & Trade Service Join Stock Company was founded in 2007 is a Vietnamese company providing equipment solutions and engineering services to customers in the Oil & Gas, Marine fields and Power Plant industries and others. We – SHINTRACO are specialized in Oil Gas, marine engineering, power plant, chemical, environment and industrial maintenance services and trading in connecting industrial equipment manufacturers and end-users, enable them to build cross-national trust networks and partnerships, develop creative business solutions, and implement them with a speed. In the last few years of operation, we have gained valuable experience in selling products and instruments, and industrial maintenance jobs commissioned by our clients. We are very proud of saying that, due to our experiences, we have been able to complete each job successfully to our customer's satisfaction even under tight deadlines and time constraints. And with our ZERO” accident recorded in last few years, you can trust that safety is our PRIORITY. We shall be pleased to cooperate with you at any time convenient as well as provide best solutions and equipment to your requirements.