công ty TNHH công nghệ technocom

Địa chỉ: 01 Le Dinh Ly, Da Nang

Quy mô công ty: Từ 25 - 99 nhân viên

Website: Chưa Cập Nhật

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Technocom is found in 2019 with our strong mission and vision. Mission: With local solutions, we deliver global impacts to our partners by growing stable and quality-focused with our heart for the people, and by investing in new technologies and innovating our way of working. Vision: We aim to be a leading technology service provider to provide high-performance software engineering services to our partners (great enterprises and start-ups) for the growth of Industry keeping in mind of our core values and our responsibilities to our colleagues, partners, and the society. At Technocom, we put the People first! We believe your happy life boosts up productivity. Above having social insurance cards fulfilling the labor law, we do have a premium healthcare package to get better treatments and better insurance coverage. It is not a job, we understand it is a career of yours. We are mainly collaborating with our partners in Europe, the US, and Australia. Hence, English speaking is very naturally happening in our conversations. The environment where we put the heart for the people and the mindset of daring of doing. Our team is available on our Facebook channel to answer any questions that you may have. More about us, visit: Facebook: See you at Technocom office!