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Delfi Technologies is the Vietnam and Danmark joint-venture company. We are the first and the only barcode company has cooperation with Danmark partner who is a leading provider of barcode technology equipments and solutions in the Denmark and Northern Europe. Delfi Vietnam is a leading distributor of barcode products from well-known brands in the world such as SEWOO, PONIT MOBILE, DATALOGIC, PIDION, CITIZEN, OPTICON, POS-OTEK, UNITECH and many others. In addition, we provide software solutions for barcode technology in improving management systems in enterprises. To promote the diligence and extensive research on barcode equipment as well as professional activities, Delfi Technologies develops barcode products under the Delfi brand: DelfiScan C71, DelfiScan C85, DelfiScan M71, DelfiScan C65, DelfiScan C90, Delfi Mira, Delfi Nova and Delfi Luna. The path that Delfi Technologies has taken is with a deep understanding of barcode devices, barcode technology solutions and the desire to share those benefits with business partners. With that professionalism, our commitment is to continously improve our policies and practices so that our customers are satisfied with the service provided by Delfi Technologies. Our future progress grows with the trust of our customers. Lately, our staff in Delfi Technologies has been attending long-term training courses in Denmark, a country with advanced barcode technology, in the Nordic region and we have been certified for completion. With 20 years of experience in the European market and over 8 years of operations in Vietnam, we have managed large scale projects with well-known partners in Vietnam including Viettel Group, P & G, Pepsi Vietnam, Bosch, Samsung, Kaos, Unilever, Ajinomoto, Vietnam Railway, Saigon Post Office, Big C and a series of companies in the Industrial Park. We believe that the services we are providing will fullfill your business requirements which will develop a long-term business association.