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Nowadays, e-commerce and mobile commerce industry have dramatically changed the way brands reach customers, making it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases without going to the store. However, the sales approach of e-stores is conventional and not efficient enough to lead to orders. In order to contribute to the growth of the E-commerce market, Ecomobi promises to provide solutions that revolutionize the way everyone sells online by intergrated social platforms. We believe in the unlimited potential of e-commerce and social media marketing. Our markets ________________________________________ At present, Ecomobi's market is spreading across major countries in the SEA market such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore ... Our services ________________________________________ Ecomobi provides solutions which help clients boost up sales, leads, users by our own network. We also provide the system which help clients track particular performance through different selling channels on social. Our vision ________________________________________ We aim to become a leading social selling platform in South East Asia. We are different from others by big integrated social channels and our own technology. • Via link: • Ecomobi Singapore nhận đầu tư từ 2 quỹ đầu tư lớn: • Startup 360: Nhà sáng lập Ecomobi chia sẻ hành trình ra biển lớn với Social Selling Platform: • Bản tin Tài chính - Ecomobi chia sẻ góc nhìn về việc kết nối KOL với doanh nghiệp để gia tăng doanh số: