công ty TNHH hansae hà nội

Địa chỉ: Room 3809/3810, 38 Floor, Keangnam Landmark 72 Tower, Me Tri commune, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi.

Quy mô công ty: Hơn 500 nhân viên

Website: https://www.hansae.com/

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“ One of three Americans wears clothes by Hansae” Aiming to be the ultimate leader in manufacturing & trading business around the world for knitted and woven garments. Since the establishment in 1982, Hansae Co., Ltd has maintained the consistent growth with specializing apparel exporting, based on the high profitability and safe financial structure. Not only an American, European, and Asian fashion brands, SPA brands and many of International discount stores are partners with Hansae Co., Ltd. Currently, Hansae has 11 global corporations in 5 countries, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Indonesia and Myanmar. Hansae decided to choose Vietnam as a basement for the rapid growth in 2000s. By establishing 3 fantastic factories: Hansae VN, Hansae TN, Hansae TG (~ workers), Hansae has created a big contribution to the development of economy and distribution best benefits among the people in Vietnam. Especially, achieving the proactive leading of changes needed for the best customer service including quality and satisfaction absolutely by speedy expanding in business operation size and highly advanced technology. Hansae Hanoi Co., Ltd was established since 2016, being an important part of Hansae family . In recent years, Hansae Hanoi has been remarked the amazing annual growth rate, going to become an amazing member of Hansae group. And now we are always looking for qualified candidates to join our company.