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JANAKUASA VIETNAM LIMITED No. of staff: 50 Contact: Human Resources Department of JANAKUASA VIETNAM LIMITED Janakuasa Vietnam Limited is 100% of foreign investment capital. The registered office of the Company is located at Mu U Hamlet, Dan Thanh Commune, Duyen Hai County Town, Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam. The Company was established to design, construct and operate a coal burning thermal power plant. The Facility shall form part of the Company’s BOT Power Project (“Power Project”) in accordance with the Build-Operate-Transfer (“BOT”). The Facility means an electricity generating plant constructed at Duyen Hai Power Complex, Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam comprised of two Units, each Unit of , with total designed capacity of 1, MW, and all necessary plants and equipment relating thereto, which shall be constructed by the Company and used for the purpose of producing electricity and providing Dependable Capacity and Net Energy Output to be sold by the Company to the Electricity Corporation of Vietnam (“EVN”) in accordance with the terms of the Power Purchase Agreement. The Company was granted a term of 25 years from the commercial operation date (“COD”) of the whole power plant. The COD of the whole power plant is 57 months since the date of the Financial Close. The date of financial contribution is 12 months since the signing date of BOT contract on 29 December 2015.