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Nova Buildings is a manufacturer of structural steel and a regional solutions provider for pre-engineered buildings and pre-fabricated building designs. It is registered with a holding company in Singapore and has a presence in five countries in Southeast Asia. Founded by members with an aggregate of a century of experience in steel building solutions, Nova Buildings aims to bring sustainable and innovative solutions to companies that require answers to contemporary challenges. Our strong connections in the industry enable us to collaborate with diverse suppliers and services providers in the building and construction ecosystem to bring specialized and cost-effective solutions to our customers. The company values consistency and commitment in all aspects of the business, from dependable quality and design integrity, to accountability to our customers. We do not compromise on our business standards and work ethics as we deliver on our promises. Quality goes beyond the solutions we deliver to our customers into the relationships we cultivate with business partners in the region and on local ground. This ensures we deliver a seamless customer experience as an integral member of the construction value chain. Leveraging on our lean outfit, Nova Buildings responds to needs of customers with agility and is nimble in resolving issues on the ground during delivery. A lean set up also means we are actively pursuing efficiencies and channel collaboration through the advent of technology. In Nova, passion speaks loudest and action echoes commitment.