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The business was founded by Aaron Jackson a jeweller and artist by profession, on one of his many trips through Africa searching for diamonds. On these trips he found something as equally precious, the natural talent of the African people and also the desperate need for these people to have some form of sustainable income. So with this in mind and a combination of the Africans natural talent and Aaron’s artistic ability, and motivation to make a difference, nine years ago My Piece Of Africa was born.

Think Outside is committed to its clients and staff. It is our aim to continue growing our business by helping our clients grow their businesses. Through product quality and innovation we handcraft original sculptures, home décor items and unique objects to use in creating truly inspirational areas both inside and outside the home.

By doing this we ensue insure the growth and development of our industry, our business, and our team which extends to the families of our staff back in Africa and Vietnam.

Think Outside, formerly My Piece of Africa, is dedicated to diversity. Buoyed by our success of our factory in Africa, in 2008 Aaron opened a second factory in Vietnam, both of which provide work, training and support for the local people. Along with this expansion came a vastly increased product range and a name change to herald an exciting new era in our company’s proud history.

As THINK OUTSIDE our ongoing design direction is based on the five ancient elements, Wind, Fire, Earth, Water and Metal, with our focus on the use of natural sustainable materials - being stone, metal, rubber and wood. As always we are committed to creating amazing new products.