formosa investment

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Formosa Investment is a Dutch company that exports floricultural goods globally. Think of flower bulbs, plants and everything concerning flower cultivation. Our main export markets are Vietnam, China and Taiwan. Currently expanding to Myanmar, Iran and Phillippines. To make expansion possible, Formosa Investment opened a representative office in Hanoi, Vietnam, where all markets can be controlled and new markets can be orientated. Formosa Investment is a company that expanded rapidly in the past 5 years. It was able to do so because of its unique business structure and by applying the latest technologies promptly. Formosa is special because it is always closer to their customers and final consumers than it’s competitors. Opening this representative office (Tay Ho, Hanoi) in the main market has helped with that. To make the establishment more effective; Formosa Investment is looking for an operations manager; that can develop into a business manager.