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Greentouch Home was founded in 2014, but its management team has a long history of manufacturing experience. Greentouch Home’s founder, Jonathan Nussbaum, cultivated years of business relationships and expertise in the furniture industry. In 2014, he assembled a global management team with decades of experience in design, in retail channel management, in sourcing, and in logistics.

The continued mission of Greentouch Home is to produce premium on-trend designs that are attainable to all consumers, regardless of their budgets.

In 2015, Greentouch Home partnered with Scott Living, the wildly successful home products brand developed by Jonathan and Drew Scott. Greentouch and Scott Living have grown their partnership since then to produce in-store and special order bathroom vanities and electric fireplaces for major retailers in the , Mexico and Canada.

In 2019, Greentouch Home announced that it has entered a multi-year partnership with global lifestyle design firm, Kathy Ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®), to develop bathroom vanities and storage, electric fireplaces, and several other categories.