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Hustle was founded in 2019 by Javier and Erin, an adventurous Spanish and Canadian duo with a passion for fitness. Before its inception, Javier and Erin spent several years working in investment banking and the marketing industry respectively. Their salvation outside of the long hours at the office was getting their sweat on at their local fitness studio. Looking for an adventure, they quit their corporate jobs and moved to Vietnam. They discovered that in a country with over 96 million people, less than .5% of people have an active gym membership compared to 25% in USA. They wanted to help change that. After visiting studios around the world, they worked alongside international personal training experts to develop the ultimate fitness experience. Beyond the fitness element, their goal was to create a global community of people who understand that the only way to achieve their goals is to Hustle for them! With the first studio opening in HCMC, Hustle already has plans to grow within Vietnam and internationally. Come join the Hustle Family!