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The roots of In-Trend Uniforms trace far back to 1972 as a family business primarily focused on the selling of school uniforms. Following decades of experience and knowledge, In-Trend Uniforms was officially founded in June 2001 with higher ambitions to provide greater customer service and quality. We learnt, through thick and thin, the problems associated with the supply of raw materials such as fabrics. Henceforth, we worked hard on moving up the supply chain and completed our first factory building in Vietnam in August 2013. This milestone helped us to better achieve our goal of superior reliability and efficiency through a well-managed, in-house manufacturing and production team and facility. Today, In-Trend Uniforms has grown from a humble school uniform supplier to a one-stop clothing specialist producing a wide variety of clothing from corporate attire such as boutique store suits, restaurant and transportation outfits to industrial garbs such as factory overalls with fire-retardant and other essential properties. Being a vertically-integrated company, our capability has grown to include the sourcing of fabric from mainly South-East Asia as well as other parts of the world, manufacturing and quality assurance, and design and modelling. With such competence, we are able to supply a desirable finished product that fully meets our customer requirements and specifications to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.