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Since its establishment in 1951, KITZ Corporation has supplied products for applications ranging from the home to industrial processes as a manufacturer of valves and other devices for the control of fluids. Over the years, we have grown into one of the world’s leading valve manufacturers. Today, the KITZ brand has a solid reputation for outstanding quality in Japan and around the world. The KITZ Group has three business segments: the core valve manufacturing business, the brass bar manufacturing business, and other. The KITZ Group manufactures and sells valves, fittings, water purifiers, and industrial filters, all of which are devices used for the control of fluids. Valve manufacturing accounts for of total sales. The KITZ Group's factories are located at Japan, China, Thailand, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Korea and Taiwan. The KITZ Group has branches in USA, Dubai, Thailand, Germany, India, Brazil, China, Korea, Spain, Singapore. The representative office in Ho Chi Minh City has just established from June 2016 to support the sales of distributors and serve the customers better. There are 3 official distributors in Vietnam that selling Kitz's valves for about 20 years here. TOYO is one brand of KITZ. See Kitz webpage at for more details