kwork innovations lt

Địa chỉ: Pasilanraitio 5, Helsinki, Finland

Quy mô công ty: Từ 10 - 24 nhân viên

Website: Chưa Cập Nhật

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Kwork Innovations () is a North European software company working with Artificial Intelligence and advanced web projects. Our head office is located in Finland`s capital city (land of highly educated and hard working people). Our mission is to help machines understand humans through text and voice. We offer our customers customezed chatbot -solutions and other software development projects. Our team has versatile skills raging from natural language understanding, voice analysis, software development and security, machine learning and artificial intellingence. As our innovation is soon to be researched and developed to international needs, we are seeking several developers to help us grow. We have had co-operation with a local Vietnamise company over a year now. We are looking to establish a company in Vietnam.