lawrence s. ting memorial fund (lstf)

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Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund (LSTF) was established in 2005 as a local NGO in Vietnam. So far it has supported with more than one million underprivileged people across the whole country. LSTF mainly provides services and support at education and health sectors to people in need. Its major works include scholarship and IT equipment provision at schools, capacity building for teachers, life skills training for poor pupils, wheelchairs distribution for people with disabilities, the support of medical supplies to health centres and so on. These works have been done through various partnerships with local authorities, Red Cross, MedShare, universities and other Civil Society Organizations. After continuous efforts made in the past 13 years, the organisation has been widely recognized by the government of Vietnam at the district, provincial and country levels. Now our focus on education and health remains as strong as ever but we hope to deepen our works through robust programming and innovation, thereby bringing catalytic changes in Vietnam.