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Founded by over-10 years experienced members working in hotel and travel industries, we had been working at top-management positions in such both professional internationally and young dynamic national companies. Our colleagues and staffs are well trained with more than 5 years of experiences in the same levels. Vietnam has been gradually becoming one of the most attractive destinations in South East Asia. The increasing number of 3-starred boutique hotels has been recognized to open surprisingly. We have been in discussion and helping many owners and investors, we found out that there are numbers of owned hotels are meeting difficult in sales and marketing, or even they have mis-oriented direction in terms of hotel’s brand and concepts from the beginning. MSB is confident to give ideas and most suitable operating plans to owners and investors. Our solutions are being made based on many KPI: expectations by owners/investors, hotel’s location, targeted customers and budget of owners. We are providing: Marketing Online services; OTA management services; Sales Representative; Hotel - Analytic and Operation set-up consulting; Branding & Position service