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The way of the pirate - Web and Mobile application are our treasure. We find and hunt them all the time. - “Crew” or “Team” is the most important part of Nextzy's pirate ship. We need a specialist for working together. No one in the team is the hero. We just have a crew that ready to against the storm and a wave of the ocean together. - The crew must develop own ability and skill. No one in the ship sitting on the floor and wait for the money falls from the sky. - The crew like to find a new interest such as technologies, lifestyle, money management and etc. Because we think that these will help us to make our work happier. - The crew’s costume does not need to be formal in the office. The people have the freedom to choose them my own self. Other the other hand, If you go to find or meet our client. The formal cloth is the best choice. - Communication is the best way to make the crew understanding together. So, we talk all the time (mostly the content is not related to our work.) - All of the crew will face pressure from working, but we can reduce it by taking the job that we can get it done on working time. No one in the team has to stay on the night for it. We know that everyone must have other activities to do such as going out with friends, eating, sleeping and self-development. - We love the Agile Methodologies + scrum process. Because we think that this process can make us working in the same way. - No one in the crew is Superman. Everyone has their own expertise of each software development area. These people help to produce the best product and share knowledge with the other person. - We have the main branch in Bangkok and the second branch at Chiang Mai. - We can guarantee that there just a few companies working like us. If you are interested to find the new experience of working with fun and not boring. Nextzy Technologies is the right choice for you.