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Urgo are a French family-owned group with an international dimension comprised of intermediate-size companies. We are present on all of the distribution circuits (hospitals, pharmacies, super/hypermarkets, e-commerce, etc.) with recognized brands and enjoy the best of both worlds: the boldness of a family-owned company and the strength of an international group. This is what sets us apart and what will continue to set us apart. The boldness of a family company gives us the capacity to test, innovate, experiment and rapidly adapt. The strength of an international group offers us financial security, long-term vision, sharing of knowledge and resources for international development. It also means more opportunities for training and inter-company mobility. Our ambition? To innovate and pursue our growth in Europe while accelerating our development on markets of the future such as Brazil, Russia and Asia. We are committed to 3 levers for achieving this goal: - Our personnel: Hire the best, integrate and train them, build their loyalty - Innovation: invest in research, development and our industrial equipment - International: become leader and conquer new territories Urgo owes its dynamism and initiative-taking to its structure founded on 4 companies: Urgo Medical, Urgo Healthcare, Juvasante, Superdiet, working towards a common goal, namely to offer consumers and healthcare professionals the best products in their category.