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Rolling Ant provides realtime, immersive 3D solutions for a wide variety of industries. Unlike traditional 2D renders and pre-rendered 'flythroughs' our products are fully interactive and allow our clients or end-customers the freedom to really explore and view projects from any angle and in any lighting/environmental condition at their leisure. Interactive pre-visualization is an incredibly powerful tool for testing any kind of three dimensional design whether it be consumer product design, industrial design or architecture. As a presentation or marketing tool, interactive 3d solutions are very powerful in allowing the end consumer to make informed decisions before purchasing our clients' products. We provide a wide range of viewing solutions that include traditional PC applications as well as standalone touchscreen solutions, hands-free presentations, iPad and Android tablet apps and integration into websites. Our efficient pipeline makes the timeline and the price of our solutions very competitive to traditional media with the added benefit of also being able to also provide 2d renders and pre-rendered flythroughs at little additional cost.