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VFM, an subsidiary of Dragon Capital Group, a leading fund management company in Vietnam market in terms of the number of active open-ended funds and of total value of assets under management. Thanks to excellent investment performance and service quality, VFM was awarded with Best Fund Management Company in Vietnam 2014 and Best Fund Manager 2014 by Global Banking & Finance Review and International Finance Magazine, in addition to other highly recognized collective and individual awards since its operation commencement in 2003 in Vietnam; Dragon Capital Group, the parent company of VFM, founded in 1994, operating in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Thailand, New Zealand and Vietnam, is the leading and highly experienced fund management group, with total assets under management valued at over US$ billion (as of October 2014). Thanks to brilliant investment performance, Dragon Capital has won two awards for Best Fund Management Company in 2014 offered by Asian Investor and WealthBriefing Asia. Equipped with the latest modern facilities and technology, VietFund Management is an ideal working environment of independence, creativity and dynamics. We always develop the corporate support to each staff member and highly appreciate their personal contribution to the success of our company. At VietFund Management, staff members are encouraged to obtain professional qualifications and knowledge to develop a working environment that fosters mutual trust, respect and friendship