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Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) was established in 1996 on the basis of cooperation and support between the two governments of Vietnam and Singapore. The VSIP was first proposed by Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet of Viet Nam to Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong of Singapore in March 1994. The VSIP was officially launched on 31 January 1996 in Singapore. On 14 May 1996, the Prime Ministers of Vietnam and Singapore gathered at the VSIP site to officiate the ground breaking ceremony. Since 2005, the VSIP expanded rapidly to a second park within Binh Duong Province, a third park in Bac Ninh Province (2007), a fourth park in Hai Phong City (2010), a fifth park in Quang Ngai Province (2013) and most recently announced a seventh park in Nghe An Province (2015). Along the way, the VSIP was remodeled from a traditional industrial park to an integrated township and industrial park, bringing in new urban solutions such as international masterplanning, sustainable infrastructure and attracted foreign investors with higher value-added manufacturing. To date, the VSIP has attracted nearly 500 customers with US$6.4 billion of investments and US$8 billion in export value while creating more than 140,000 jobs for the Vietnamese people. Forging close relations with global companies, VSIP tenants come from 23 countries and territories over the world. Long term sustainability is a goal with environmental infrastructure put in place making the VSIP a clean and green environment. VSIP is the workplace and living choice for general workers, technicians, engineers, managers and professionals.