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Established in 2015, Vinad Media is an independent marketing agency delivering viral digital services in Vietnam. Headquartered in Europe, our experts have a solid understanding of web and mobile markets, with over 15 years’ experience in digital advertising and big data management. We are visionaries in our approach to products, and we continually strive to offer a smooth and top-quality digital experience to users. Unlike more conventional digital media agencies, we do not work for clients. We are our own clients. We auto-finance all our own projects, and we love what we do. Since 2015, we have focused on the Vietnamese market which is an excellent hub to develop our products and services, since the demand is continuously growing. We plan to expand our influence to the whole South-East Asia region in the coming years. Vinad Media offers a comfortable and friendly yet professional working environment. In this dynamic and fast changing market, we promote a culture of innovation, creativity and expertise for our members. Our experienced managers provide training on digital marketing, soft skills and project management to guarantee the best output. If you are eager to learn, if you have passion for new technologies, and if you have a long-term vision to share, you have already something in common with us!