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VinBrain is a newly formed group within the VinTech division with a mission to leverage Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data technologies to tackle real world problems. We will focus in a variety of areas including medical diagnosis, knowledge worker efficiency, manufacturing/services process and overall to enrich the lives of people everywhere. VinBrain is formed by seasoned engineers and entrepreneurs with world class experience from top tier Technology companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe in the fields of ML, Big Data, large scale services and systems. At VinBrain, we’re a highly collaborative group and as part of our small but strong team, you will play a key role in building and developing our systems from the ground up. VinBrain is shaping the next generation of diagnostic healthcare tools to help patients around the globe. By using AI and deep learning, we help Radiologists identify diseases and medical issues ( cancers and tumors) more accurately and earlier. We believe we are working on one of the biggest social impact opportunities in healthcare and are deploying our technology around the globe in areas that lack proper specialists, helping patients get diagnosed quickly with more accuracy.