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More easily, more exquisitely, with more value, with better metal working fluid, Buhmwoo strives to contribute to customers. We lubricate the world – BLOBAL BUHMWOO. Buhmwoo took the first step in 1973 in Korea, aiming to be a corporation that put “People” first, to contribute to the welfare of the country and the society. Buhmwoo had started the first metal working fluid business in Korea with the world-renowned anti rust lubricant “WD-40”. Buhmwoo had successfully localized rolling oil, which was used to make hot / cold rolled steel sheet, and had made a huge contribution to “Modernization” & “Growth” of Korea economy system. Buhmwoo has number one market share (over 36%) in metal working fluid in Korea. Buhmwoo has 5 factories, 7 technical centers, 15 sales office in Korea. Almost all major companies (Hyundai & Kia Motors, Posco, Samsung Electronics, LG Display, Doosan Heavy Industry, etc) in Korea are the customers of Buhmwoo. Now, Buhmwoo is changing to GLOBAL corporation, try to be a number one manufacturer in metal working fluid IN THE WORLD. Just starting, but Buhmwoo has 8 overseas corporations – in USA, Mexico, China, Vietnam, India and Indonesia. Global Buhmwoo has “VBC – Vina Buhmwoo Company” in Vietnam. VBC has manufacturing facility in Dong Nai since 2007, has 2 sales offices – in Hochiminh city and Hanoi. Supplying to around 1,000 customers in Vientnam (Posco Vietnam, Honda Vietnam, Samsung Electronics Vietnam, Hoa Sen Group, Hoa Phat Group, Nidec Group, etc), VBC is still rapidly growing, requires more GOOD people to join and work together to achieve our faith – to be a number one metal working fluid company in the world. Web site :